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A little bit about Dube Commercial Construction

My name is Mark Dube and after over twenty years in this business, I’ve come to realize that more than a few unreliable contractors have unfortunately given the entire industry a bad name. The key to having satisfied and excited customers is to handle the most common complaints up front. When asking my prospective customers what they want most from me and what is most important to them regarding their project… the answer is always the same.

Whether you’ve outgrown your business space, rental space or home and are looking to add-on, remodel or “Break Ground” and build from the ground up… choosing the right craftsman to get the job done without the many problems you’ve heard about or experienced yourself is no easy task.

Dealing with a reputable contractor for your commercial/residential building or remodeling project is the only sure way to guarantee a quality job without the stress. We’re committed to helping you identify and make you aware of a few common shortfalls in this industry so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the contractor that’s right for you. Our best salespeople are our existing customers. Please take the time to read our customer testimonials as proof of our good standing.

The Most Common Complaints And How We Handle Them:

  • Show Up And Finish The Job On Time: This is probably the #1 issue. You’ll find that some contractors will start the job after the first deposit and then move on to one of many ongoing jobs not returning in a reasonable amount of time. We will never take on more jobs than we can handle at once. In addition, the lines of communication are always open and phone calls are returned promptly. The only uncontrollable force is of course the weather.
  • Make Quality A Top Priority: 100% hands on. You’ll never catch us cutting corners in an attempt to simplify the job. Using lower cost and lower quality materials is a sure way to lose customer confidence and a waste of valuable time when having to redo the job.
  • Make Sure Your Workers Are Professional: Our company is fully licensed and insured. Our code of conduct includes strict enforcement on professionalism including language, appearance, neatness, reliability and attitude.

  • Do Not Bill Me More Than Our Agreed Upon Quote: You’ll never be surprised with a bill that’s not consistent with what was agreed upon in our contract. There are unforeseen instances that could cause a job to be more expensive than expected. A professional can usually spot a questionable portion of the job and state an uncertainty in the contract. There are no extended, uninsured subcontractors.



Mark Dube, Owner

Mark Dube, Owner

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about your upcoming projects, please contact us directly here.

"Dealing with a reputable contractor for your commercial or residential building or remodeling project is the only sure way to guarantee a quality job without the stress."